NeoCal Downloads

The EXE download files on this page are Windows installation programs and are the recommended download type for Windows desktop users.

Downloading this software indicates acceptance of the software license agreement.

Latest version

Platform Language Version Released Size Download
Android English Version 1.0 February 28, 2011 750 KB Download from the Android Market
Apple iOS English Version 2.0.2 February 18, 2011 1 MB Download from the iTunes App Store
Palm OS 3.5 English Version 2.0.3 February 21, 2005 826 KB Windows installation program Standard ZIP format Stuff It GZipped Tar Palm OS PRC
Pocket PC English Version 2.0.3 February 21, 2005 1083 KB Windows installation program Arm CAB file SH3/4 CAB file MIPS CAB file

The NeoCal for Palm OS User Guide may be downloaded in eReader and iSilo 3.x/4.x formats for viewing on a Palm OS device.

The NeoCal for Pocket PC User Guide may be downloaded in Microsoft Reader, eReader, and iSilo 3.x/4.x formats for viewing on a Pocket PC device.

Direct downloads

If your handheld device has a direct connection to the Internet, you can now download and install NeoCal from your handheld's web browser:

  • PRC for all Palm OS devices
  • ARM for all HP and Compaq iPAQ's and other devices running Pocket PC 2002 or later
  • SH3 for older HP devices running Pocket PC (2000)
  • MIPS for Casio and Amigo devices running Pocket PC (2000)

Please note that not all handheld browsers support downloading and installing software directly from the Internet, so if you're experiencing problems please use one of the desktop download options, for example, if your browser tries to display one of these links as a page and doesn't prompt for downloading the file.