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General FAQ

Why can't I find a button mentioned in the documentation?

Many buttons are only accessible by first pressing the shift button which looks like an up arrow and is located above the 7 button.

Why does the I/YR and IRR calculations return 'error'?

These solutions are found using a 'solve' algorithm which sometimes fails to find the correct solution. The current value in the I/YR register is used as a starting point or estimate, and if this value is too different from the answer, the algorithm might fail to find a correct solution and return 'error'. Try providing an estimate or guess by storing an approximate value in the I/YR register before performing the calculation.

Why is a physical constant being recalled as zero?

Many of the physical constants are extremely small numbers and display as zero when using the Fixed number format even though the number recalled into the x register is non-zero. Choose a different number format in the Preferences dialog to prevent this.

Why do some buttons appear in more than one location?

This is done strictly for convenience, providing easy access to the buttons you need, when you need them. The duplicated buttons operate the same regardless of their location.

Why am I having problems printing the PDF version of this user guide?

This user guide was created using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat, so earlier versions may have a problem printing or viewing it. You can download the most recent version of Acrobat Reader for free from the Adobe website at