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How do I make NeoCal the default calculator when I press the calculator or favorites button on a Palm OS device?

Switch to the "Prefs" application and choose "Buttons". This allows you to assign any application to the main buttons. Tap on the pop-up list next to the button you'd like to re-assign and choose NeoCal.

How can I view the NeoCal User Guide on a Palm OS device?

The user guide is available in both eReader (Palm Reader) and iSilo 3.x/4.x formats and can be downloaded from our website at

The eReader program is available for free and can be downloaded from the eReader website at

The iSilo program is available for free and can be downloaded from the iSilo website at

Why is the keyboard not being drawn properly? Or why do I get a memory error that crashes the device?

Memory leaks from other applications can affect NeoCal. Resetting the device by pushing the reset button on the back of the unit usually corrects these types of problems. If you are running applications with memory leaks, the problem will most likely recur.

Does NeoCal use the MathLib shared library?

NeoCal 2.0.3 does not use the MathLib shared library, however, earlier versions did require it for advanced calculations. If you previously installed MathLib.prc and no other programs on your handheld require it, MathLib can be safely removed without affecting the operation of NeoCal.

Why doesn't NeoCal take advantage of the larger display on the Palm Tungsten T3?

It does, however, the T3 did not ship with the ability for third-party programs to take advantage of the enhanced screen, however, the file has been provided by Palm and contains two .prc files that enable such programs (including NeoCal) to provide support for the dynamic input or virtual graffiti area and take advantage of the larger screen area. If you have not already installed these .prc files, then you will need to do so in order for NeoCal to utilize the larger screen. These files should not be installed on any device other than a Palm Tungsten T3!

The file can be downloaded here.