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NeoCal for Palm OS User Guide

Clearing The Registers

Storing zero into any register clears that register. The following keys are used to clear groups of registers:

  • or clears the x, y, z, t, and last x registers. This is also referred to as clearing the stack and should be performed before starting a new set of calculations. This operation also returns the current input method to the setting specified in the Preferences dialog.
  • or clears the x register. This should be used when an incorrect number has been entered and you'd like to start entering the number again.
  • or clears or resets all registers, clears the keyboard macro, and resets the calculator state. It does not modify the settings in the Preferences dialog.
  • clears the user, financial, and statistical registers.
  • clears the financial registers and displays the number of compounding periods per year. This function also clears any user registers that currently contain a cash flow entry, leaving all other user registers unmodified.
  • clears the statistical registers used to hold a summary of the entered data values.
  • resets the date conversion registers to their default values (except ) and displays the number of frames per second.