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Physical constants

The Constants dialog lists many common physical constants in SI units that can be recalled into the x register. Use the Preferences dialog to assign a section of the display for quicker access to this dialog.

The following constants are listed in the Constants dialog:

  • Avogadro's number, NA: 6.0221367e23 gmol-1
  • Boltzmann constant, k: 1.380658e-23 J/K
  • Molar volume, Vm: 22.4141 l/gmol
  • Universal gas constant, R: 8.31451 J/(gmol K)
  • Standard temperature, StdT: 273.15 K
  • Standard pressure, StdP: 101.325 kPa
  • Stefan-Boltzmann constant: 5.67051e-8 W/(m2 K4)
  • Speed of light in vacuum, c: 299792458 m/s
  • Permittivity of vacuum: 8.85418781761e-12 F/m
  • Permeability of vacuum: 1.25663706144e-6 H/m
  • Acceleration of gravity, g: 9.80665 m/s2
  • Gravitational constant, G: 6.67259e-11 m3/(s2 kg)
  • Planck's constant, h: 6.6260755e-34 J s
  • Dirac's constant, hbar: 1.05457266e-34 J s
  • Electron charge, q: 1.60217733e-19 C
  • Electron rest mass, me: 9.1093897e-31 kg
  • q/me, qme: 175881962000 C/kg
  • Proton rest mass, mp: 1.6726231e-27 kg
  • mp/me, mpme: 1836.152701
  • Fine structure constant: 0.00729735308
  • Magnetic flux quantum: 2.06783461e-15 Wb
  • Faraday constant, F: 96485.309 C/gmol
  • Rydberg constant: 10973731.534 m-1
  • Bohr radius, a0: 0.0529177249 nm
  • Bohr magneton: 9.2740154e-24 J/T
  • Nuclear magneton: 5.0507866e-27 J/T
  • Photon wavelength (ch/e): 1239.8425 nm
  • Photon frequency (e/h), f0: 2.4179883e14 Hz
  • Compton wavelength: 0.00242631058 nm
  • Wien displacement constant, c3: 0.002897756 m K
  • Dielectric constant: 11.9
  • SiO2 dielectric constant: 3.9
  • Reference intensity, I0: 0.000000000001 W/m2