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NeoCal for Palm OS User Guide

Financial Registers

NeoCal contains ten registers used specifically for the financial applications:

  • is used for cost
  • is used for price
  • and are used for margin and markup
  • is used for the number of periods or payments per year
  • is used for the total number of periods or payments
  • and are used for the annual nominal interest rate
  • is used for present value
  • is used for the periodic payment
  • is used for future value
  • is used for the annual effective rate

Just like the user registers, these registers are accessed using the and buttons. However, the financial registers perform a calculation when their button is pressed without being preceded by or . As a convenience, pressing one of these buttons while entering a number will cause any pending operation to be performed and then store that number in the register.

For example,

  • Pressing will store the displayed number in the future value register.
  • Pressing will display the value stored in the price register.
  • Pressing will store 7.5% in the annual interest rate register.
  • Pressing will store 60 in the N register.
  • Pressing will calculate, store, and display the present value.

The financial registers and any user registers currently holding a cash flow entry are cleared by pressing the button. As a reminder, the value of the register is displayed.