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NeoCal for Palm OS User Guide

Macro Record and Playback

A macro stores a sequence of keystrokes or button presses that can be played back at a later time for simple automation of a common calculation. Only a single macro may be recorded or stored at a time.

  • Press to start recording a new macro. Any previously recorded macro is permanently deleted.
  • Press to pause recording or playback of the macro. Press it a second time to resume recording or playback.
  • Press to stop recording or playback of a macro.
  • Press to playback any previously recorded macro. It may be pressed again to resume a macro that has been paused for user input. The macro is played back using the same input method used to record it.

Using pause while recording a macro will pause the macro during playback allowing for input from the user. Keystrokes are not recorded while the macro is paused during recording, however, the user should provide similar keystrokes during playback before resuming the macro. Mistakes made during recording can be corrected using the undo operation.