NeoCal Documentation

NeoCal for Palm OS User Guide

Customizable Keyboard

The Keyboard dialog is used to customize the which keys should be used for the User function group or mode. The top portion of the dialog shows the customized key layout while the bottom portion displays the collection of keys that can be assigned to the custom layout.

The Integer Mode checkbox specifies whether NeoCal should enter integer mode when the user functions are selected. This behavior is required for Programmer mode and is duplicated in User mode when this option is checked. Toggling the Shifted option shows the keys in the specified shifted state.

Any of the keys from the other function groups can be assigned in User mode:

  1. Press the user key to be assigned.
  2. Locate the desired key from the available keys by selecting the function group and shift state in the lower half of the dialog.
  3. Press the located key to assign that function to the currently depressed user key.

The Clear button clears the assignment for all of the user keys in the current shift state. The Copy button assigns all of the displayed assignable keys to the displayed user keys in the same location.