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NeoCal for Pocket PC User Guide

Keyboard Layout

NeoCal contains far too many functions to place every button on the screen at once, and so several methods are provided for accessing these additional buttons on the advanced keyboard. The first method is to push the shift button () showing alternate functions for the buttons currently being displayed. Pressing the shift button a second time will restore the buttons to their non-shifted function.

The second method involves choosing a functional group of buttons by selecting General, Financial, Scientific, Statistical, Programmer, Conversion 1, Conversion 2, Date & Time, or User from the popup list in the upper right corner of the display. This changes the functions for the top two rows of buttons. Switching between function groups during a calculation does not have an effect on that calculation or the state of the calculator, and so calculations can involve operations from different functional groups.

Selecting the input method changes the bottom five rows of the advanced keypad. This is discussed in the Comparison of Input Methods section.

The basic keyboard layout is provided for doing simple calculations using larger, finger-friendly buttons.