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NeoCal for Pocket PC User Guide



NeoCal is distributed as a shareware program, which means that you may use this program for a brief trial or evaluation period. If you continue to use this program for more than thirty (30) days, however, you are required to register this software for a fee.

Once we have been notified of your registration (which can sometimes take up to 24 hours or longer), we will send you a registration confirmation email containing your registration code. The Reminder dialog will no longer be displayed once this information is entered into the Registration dialog on your handheld. Saving this information in a safe place is a good idea as it may become necessary to enter it again when re-installing the software.

Unfortunately, email delivery is not 100% reliable, and increased anti-spamming efforts often block the registration email without notifying us that the email was not delivered. Also, we occaisonally receive email addresses that were not entered correctly or addresses for email accounts with full quotas that are not accepting new emails. Many people have even deleted the registration email incorrectly thinking it was spam.

We take the responsibility of delivering your registration code very seriously and most are delivered within twenty (20) minutes of an order being placed (may be longer if the order was placed on a website other than our own). If you have not received your registration code within two (2) business days, please contact us so that we can resend it or make other arrangements to get it to you.

There is no need to download different software when registering, the "trial" and "registered" versions are identical with the latter having the registration information entered in the Registration dialog on the handheld device. It is recommended that you download the latest version if you do not already have it installed (version information and download links are provided in the registration confirmation email).

You must enter the registration information exactly as it appears in the confirmation email. The code will not work if they do not match exactly, including letter case, accents, spaces, and punctuation (including hyphens). Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or experience any problems entering your registration code.

Starting with NeoCal 1.7, an alternative method for entering the registration information is available by copying all of the registration information (in particular, the three lines containing the name, email, and code values) to the clipboard of the handheld device and then opening the NeoCal Registration dialog where the information will be automatically entered into the appropriate fields.

If you have misplaced or discarded your registration information and need it again, you may visit our website at to request that it be emailed to you.

Registered users are entitled to use all future versions of NeoCal, so be sure to periodically check our website for free updates.

Thank you for supporting this product by registering the software.