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NeoCal for Pocket PC User Guide

Unit Arithmetic

Addition and subtraction can be performed on measurements with the same type of unit (except temperature) or with constants. If the units are not the same type, the result will not have a unit assigned to it. If necessary, the second operand's units will be converted to the first operand's units.

For example,

  1. Press to add fifteen inches to three feet. The result is 4.25 feet, or 4 feet 3 inches.
  2. Press to add one gallon and 3 liters. The result is 1.79 gallons.

Multiplication can be performed on two lengths to generate an area and an area divided by a length will produce a length. The and functions can also be used for these calculations.

Multiplication between an area and a length yields a volume, while a volume divided by an area or length yields the appropriate unit.

For example,

  1. Press to generate the result of 12 square feet.
  2. Press for the result of 2 feet.
  3. Press to generate 9 square feet.

Units are preserved through the following numeric functions: , , , , and .